QUA 19 DE SETEMBRO DE 2018 - 05:00hs.
Vinícius Lummertz, Embratur’s President

"That Brazil does not have legalized casinos is part of the country’s old vision"

The president of the Brazilian Institute of Tourism (Embratur), Vinicius Lummertz, again supported the installation of casinos in Brazil to improve the nation’s revenue in the tourism area. He says the country should start with the installation of two or three venues to try out, but always within hotel-resorts. 'The issue is moving well to an acceptable logic,' said Lummertz optimistic about legalization in Congress. Watch the video.

Following, the main parts of the interview granted in the CB.Poder program, a partnership between Correio Braziliense and TV Brasília:

The Congress is discussing the regulation of gaming and casinos in the country. What is your opinion on this?
It is part of the old view of country. Looks like we're living in a bubble. Brazil is a bubble. Let's talk about hotels and casinos. We are going to play in the United States and we are good players. We spend a lot on it. What you need to be careful about is the income issue and the idea that casinos should be in resorts. This is our proposal. In Las Vegas, gambling is no longer the main business of the city, but the congresses and shows that take place in hotels. There are concerts or shows that make US$ 200 million and remain 10 years playing. The economy is linked to culture, arts, shows and sports. Casinos ended up being a means of holding a magic.

Would casinos be restricted to a few spaces?
Yes, we're actually talking about two or three casinos because it is necessary to try. There are some seminars in Brazil, talks with experts from international markets. It's moving well into acceptable logic, because it's not just in this area that we live in a bubble. See the area of the natural spaces and the marine areas. Here it takes 12 years to license a marina. In the United States it takes three months, with a three-page paper process.

Source: GMB