SEG 16 DE JULHO DE 2018 - 05:38hs.
Through its gambling regulator

Holland to curb risks arising from social games

According to a statement recently released by the Dutch Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit, social games may arise as an activity that could facilitate the proliferation of unlicensed and illegal online gambling services and could also possibly trigger gambling addiction among vulnerable players.

As a result, the Dutch gambling regulatory body will be paying more attention to curbing the potential risks social casino games pose to players as well as to the regulatory regime it has been trying to create.

According to Kansspelautoriteit, there is a very thin boundary between social gaming and gambling for money and that players can often feel tempted to cross that boundary. The regulatory body has pointed out that playing for real money could be considered more exciting by many players, hence their urge to convert to that type of activity.

A report commissioned by the gambling regulator and compiled by US-based research firm SuperData Research has found out that about 50% of all respondents aged up to 24 have switched from social gaming to real-money online gambling. The converting trend was less prominent in other age groups.

According to the report, the Netherlands’ social gaming market is worth €27 million at present and there are around 4.1 million people who are playing this type of games. It has also been found out that the sector has seen a slight decrease over the past two years. Yet, the market is currently twice as large as it was back in 2012.

Following the publication of the report and its findings, the Dutch Gaming Authority has decided to invest greater effort in monitoring the field. The regulatory body has expressed concerns that playing social casino games can eventually lead to the trivialization of gambling activities and that players are not always aware when a social game has turned into a game of chance that requires wagering money and offers them the opportunity to win money.

Kansspelautoriteit has said that it will research the matter further in an attempt to find whether there is a connection between social gaming and the potential development of problem gambling behavior among vulnerable players. As part of its efforts to curb risks, the regulator will hold discussions with experts, players, and other involved parties.

Source: GMB / Casino News Daily