TER 22 DE MAIO DE 2018 - 14:59hs.
Seminar "The big bet for social development"

CIBELAE Board of Directors meets in El Salvador

With a good level of enrollment, the National Lottery of Charity of El Salvador, the host entity, is preparing to receive the Board of Directors of CIBELAE on June 21 at the Crowne Hotel and hold, on 22 and 23, the Seminar called ' The big bet for social development'.

Among the topics to be discussed will be "The impact of gambling on Social Development" under the experience of the National Organization of the Blind of Spain; The commitment of lotteries to social development in Paraguay, Uruguay, Portugal and Mexico; The Gambling Bill in El Salvador, Social Responsibility: Protection of gamblers and retribution to society and fraud control, its impact on the image of gambling operators and its repercussion on social responsibility projects , among other topics of interest to the region.

Interested on participating in the seminar can still sign up and know the program in detail through CIBELAE’S website www.cibelae.com

Source: GMB