TER 22 DE MAIO DE 2018 - 14:58hs.
A Minister of Justice initiative

New restrictions proposed for gaming advertising in Belgium

Belgium Government is considering new restrictions on advertising for gaming-related services, such as during live sporting events, on TV, and during daytime hours when children are most likely to be present.

The new push, led by Belgium’s Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, already has the support of Belgium’s official Gaming Commission and a growing spectrum of the nation’s politicians.


New restrictions under considerations include a complete ban on televised gaming advertisements during the broadcast of live sporting events, as well as during daytime and early evening hours, until 8 pm. The new measure would also ban ads for gaming services that appear to promote excessive or habitual gaming behaviors, although what falls under such definitions will wait until the proposed regulations are farther along in the development phase.


The bill includes a problem-gaming warnings and call-to-action information designed to mitigate addictive gambling behaviour. Fines and penalties for operators who violate both the new and other already-existing gaming restrictions is also part of the bill.


One area not planned to be addressed by the proposed changes, at least for now, is the increasing prevalence of advertising banners and placards frequently appearing at live sports venues.


Gaming Commission spokeswoman Marjolein De Paepe recently told Belgium’s large online news outlet, nieuwsblad.be: "We already have the authority for it, but as long as there are no clear rules about what may or may not be allowed, we can hardly exert it.”

Source: GMB / Innovate Gaming / Flush Draw