QUA 18 DE JULHO DE 2018 - 22:54hs.
André Akkari talks about his new passion

"I got involved with eSports because I'm a player and like the adrenaline"

(Exclusive GMB) - André Akkari is one of the biggest names of póker in Brazil, but since the beginning of 2017 he also has his image linked to eSports. Along with brazilian football star Ronaldo, became one of the owners of CNB, Brazilian team of the League of Legends. GMB talked to Akkari about how the idea of the project came about, its progress and the plans for new investments.

GMB - You have a partnership with Ronaldo and Igor Federal at CNB, an eSports team. How did you get into this business and what are your expectations?
André Akkari-
I got involved for some reasons, the first one was emotional. I like playing, I am a player, so everything that is game, that I have the ability to play, have understanding; Playing Counter Striker, for example, I'm bad, but, I like to play, the feeling of playing. The first reason is because I like gambling, adrenaline. The second is by the business side. It is a good business opportunity, to undertake, because the market is exploding and there are not so many people doing professional things. There are few people doing very well, but there are not so many and it opens up a window of opportunity.

What is your strategy when entering the eSports market? Was the participation in the purchase of the team part of it?
We tried to get close to the best people on the market to make the best of it. Our first attitude was the purchase of the CNB, which is one of the most recognized teams in Brazil. Ronaldo and I have decided to invest and believe that this is going to be a good deal in the future.

In addition to investing in teams such as the CNB, do you think of investing in other fronts connected to eSports?
There are other fronts that we are working on. We set up a sports marketing agency that is focused on eSports, for poker, for main sports. It name is EBrands, that we created together with Beto and Raifi and is being super successful. We already have customers like Red Bull, Samsung and it is doing very well. As an entrepreneur by nature, I like to take risks in things that excite me and eSports excites me.

Apart from eSports and poker, where you are already one of the big names, do you have projects in other activities related with games?
Apart from eSports and poker, today there is nothing that I feel like adjusting to. eSports is already giving me the adrenaline I need for investments. I have goals to undertake within Counter Striker, which is eSports as well, but are just plans right now.

We know that your priority is poker, but amidst all those activities you told us, is there one that has received a little more attention?
My attention is focused on CNB's success in the League of Legends. We get too excited for things to go so well there. And within the world of esoports and within the world of póker, there are thousand projects that are happening.

Source: GMB Exclusive