SEX 20 DE JULHO DE 2018 - 15:02hs.
Waiting homologation

Vaprel presents its Electronic Bingo Room in Cantabria

This week (Monday 11th), Vaprel presented to the bingo entrepreneurs of Cantabria its BES - Bingo Eletronico de Sala system, which is already in operation in several autonomous communities in Spain, such as the Basque Country and the Canaries, with excellent results in the last three years.

Ramón Aznar showed Vaprel’s BES system, which received notable improvements with the experience that the company has been acquiring in its implementation in other communities.

Vaprel’s BES system has allowed a way without surprises and the guarantee of success in the operation from day one, without any inconvenience for the customer of traditional bingo, that can happen to play in these new modality suddenly from one day to the other.

Now, the company only awaits approval by the local Administration to begin the homologation process and the subsequent adaptation of the gaming rooms.

Source: GMB