QUA 19 DE SETEMBRO DE 2018 - 05:01hs.
It was recently held in Bucharest

Positive EAE Romania 2017 show for Alfastreet

After this year’s edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo held in Bucharest at the beginning of September, Alfastreet experienced a very positive show, where the company confirmed the leading position of their products on the market.

"The show proved to be well organized and successful, largely due to the effort from the local distributor SC Alfastreet Trade SRL, who maintain firm hold on the market with excellent service and communication between the requests from the operators and the company R&D department in Slovenia,” stated the company through a press release.

The attendees appreciated Alfastreet’s Lucky 8 fully automated electronic roulette, offering all of the latest features, known from the company's top of the line cabinets in optimized, rounded shape that occupies estimated 25% less space on a gaming floor, compared to the well known and popular R8.

The first units went straight into operation immediately after the show. Great response also for the compact series, represented by the R5 roulette combining contained outside dimensions with 21” touch screen monitors and all the performance and comfort, generally associated with the Alfastreet brand.

The real novelty were the slot machines "Felix S”, with a contemporary game mix and attractive cabinet, with double 27” screen and the latest technical features enables them to be inter connected with other game sources, optimizing the effect on the gaming floor.

The exposed products gathered attention throughout the event, enabling all the attendees to test and feel the latest novelties in the product range. Roulette is still the number one favorite among the players, which reflected in the occupancy around the R8 and its sister products.

"The pleasant ambiance of the show provided the ideal scenery for business and relaxed interaction with friends and customers. We are satisfied with the orders for the new equipment, showing a general good health of the gaming business in the hosting country and confirming the optimistic anticipation of the next year's edition,” concluded the company.

Source: GMB