TER 18 DE SETEMBRO DE 2018 - 23:11hs.
The project advances in federal government

Brazilian Deputy aims to stop lottery privatization

Congressman Jorge Picciani (PMDB) opposed the privatization of Lotex. In plenary, he proposed sending a letter to the Federal Government expressing the contrary position of the Parliament of Rio de Janeiro to the objective of creating a monopoly in the operation of the instant lottery.

Back to the presidency of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), Jorge Picciani (PMDB) expressed its strong opposition to the possible privatization of Lotex that is going ahead in Brazil.

"This is serious, the group that wins this possible bid will want to have a right to all the state. Obviously, it is a usurpation within a federative state," he said.

Governor Pezão did not say a word to save the R$ 20 million (USD 6.3 million) that Loterj transfers to social projects in Rio and are threatened if the model of the Ministry of Finance for Lotex moves forward.

Source: GMB / Veja