QUA 19 DE SETEMBRO DE 2018 - 05:02hs.
Only for local companies

Swiss online gaming bill gets final approval

Switzerland has officially legalized online gaming, as the government gave final approval to the new Money Gaming Act. The final vote at the parliament stipulates that only operators holding local licenses, with land-based presence in the Swiss casino market, will be able to offer online gaming services.

Under Switzerland previous law, online gaming was not completely banned for local players, as they had access to this service through international operators. The new legislation limits online gaming offering to Swiss-based operators, which means that every foreign company targeting Switzerland players will be blacklisted.

Compliance of the bill will be ensure by the Swiss Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block locals from accessing international operators. The new legislation has also modified the tax fee, with winnings from lottery or sports betting taxed only if exceeding US$1 million.

The legislation replacing previous laws from 1923 and 1998, comes after nearly three years of debate on the matter. The vote has risen criticism mainly from Swiss youth organizations, which are even considering a referendum to oppose the bill.

Source: GMB / Innovate Gaming