QUA 19 DE SETEMBRO DE 2018 - 05:03hs.
Public hearing

Brazilian Santa Catarina state debates creation of cooperative for gaming

Using stickers with the phrase 'enter the game, health SC', parliamentarians, members of the lottery sector in Santa Catarina and the employers' union held in the auditorium Antonieta de Barros, a public hearing to discuss the creation of the Coopersorte Work Cooperative, a site of legal online gaming and a scratch card that can generate revenue to be reverted to state health.

The meeting was attended by Cleiton Salvaro (PSB), chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Darci de Matos (PSD), Cesar Valduga (PCdoB), Dirceu Dresch (PT), Dóia Guglielmi (PSDB) and Dalmo Claro PSD), João Amin (PP) and Jean Kuhlmann (PSD). Also attending the session were the president of the Lottery Trade Union of Santa Catarina, Gilmar Cechet, and the legal advisor Jucemar Rampinelli.

According to data presented by the president of the union, Santa Catarina currently has 560 lottery companies that generate 3 thousand direct jobs. In 2016, legal lottery games totaled US$ 4 billion across Brazil. Of this number, Santa Catarina represents US$ 208 million, which had no collection of taxes and did not generate revenue to the state.

"Unofficial games, here in the state, currently have a turnover of US$ 315 million. We have to articulate how to improve the condition of the lottery class and also how the state can win over it and revert to investments," stressed the president.

Last year, Brazilians moved almost US$ 4 billion in official games and bets in Brazil. In Santa Catarina alone, lotteries of the Caixa Econômica Federal earned US$ 205 million. Money that goes into the coffers of the federal government, without transfers to the states. Now, the employers' union that gathers more than 500 lottery houses in Santa Catarina makes a move for the state to create an internet betting system and a scratch card. Part of the money raised would be invested exclusively in health.

State law no. 3,812, dated February 24, 1966, according to Rampinelli, allows the State of Santa Catarina to operate lottery tickets.
According to him, the proposal in question is legal and can bring benefits. "It's not creating casinos, it's not making room for addicts to spend their money, it's not taking away from those who do not have it. The proposal is to generate revenue and that this revenue is channeled to health."

According to Deputy Jean Kuhlmann, the creation of the cooperative and the betting website is positive and can bring benefits to Santa Catarina: "We are here to discuss exactly how the state can raise on this and that is within the legality. It is a game, well, but whoever wants to play, does not it? And, in fact, the person will be playing in a lottery that invests in health, education. I am available to support the next moves in order to move forward."

Source: GMB / Agência AL