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FEBRALOT asks to boycott them

Brazil’s CAIXA to launch games on the Internet next August 24

Representatives of FEBRALOT met in Brasilia with parliamentarians to work out details in the text of PL 7306/2017 that should be voted in the coming weeks. At the meeting, they learned that the launch date of the Internet games by CAIXA will be August 24. Therefore, they recommend entrepreneurs not to sign up. 'This is a damaging project, signing can be the end of every category,' they said.

On August 8 and 9, representatives of FEBRALOT have been in Brasilia, meeting with parliamentarians to know more details of the text of PL 7306/2017 that should be voted in the coming weeks. At the request of some parliamentarians, the text has undergone some changes and when approved by the rapporteur, the entity will inform about it.

A meeting was held with Deputy Goulart (PSD-SP) and with Luiz Carlos Hauly (PSDB-PR), the authors of the project that, together with their advisor, is getting the final details for the vote. It is very difficult to establish the precise date of the vote due to the congressional agenda, but the Federation's board is confident that it will happen in the coming weeks.

"We need to be prepared. There will be some actions that the Federation will ask the unions and they, in turn, should refer them to their affiliates. We need to involve parliamentarians directly with their state bases so that we can avoid surprises at the time of approval. Deputies will need to be well motivated to vote favorably for approval and the retailers network should help a lot in this motivational process," said Jodismar Amaro, Febralot’s President.

After drafting the final text, it was time to define a rapporteur for the project in plenary. The chosen one was Deputy Júlio César (PSD-PI) for being very influential, knowledgeable of numbers and highly identified with the problems of the loterica network. In addition to being one of the great articulators of the contract renewal law (Law No. 13,177 / 15).

Febralot's board also tried to set up a meeting with CEF to find out why the delay in announcing the new security add-on and other issues, which it insists that are ready but not even received, clearly demonstrating that every day the negotiations become more difficult and the paths to litigation must be different. The board requested that Deputy Beto Mansur (PRB-SP) intercede with Caixa to try to obtain the explanations and he informed that, in conversation with the president of Caixa Gilberto Occhi, he learned that the launch date of the Caixa games will be next August 24.

FEBRALOT recommends not sign up to lottery retailers, as it considers that is a damaging project that puts the category's economic and financial balance even more at risk. Although aware that the internet lottery is a no-return path, the board says that the process as it is designed only provides for a single winner that is the permit.

The internet lottery project has been around for many years but only a few months ago has been passed on to the unions and federation. Since then, at the meetings in which they participated, FEBRALOT presented opinions, studies and research, which showed the risks for the category, but did not raise the awareness of the executives of Caixa, who insisted on launching the system in the way they designed.

"We can not make the same mistake made many years ago when we signed a ‘leonine contract’, which did not provide for readjustment clauses. Signing this project can be the end of our main product and the end of every category,"-said FEBRALOT’s Vice President, Marco Antonio Kalikowski.

FEBRALOT points out that it has many open fronts and has the support of the Lottery Network, either to contact the parliamentarians, respond to the survey, or not to join the online games. The federation is fighting, as requested by the category, for the interests of all. But says that it need everyone to do their part and believe that with unity, the "battle can be won.”

Source: GMB / Comunicação Febralot
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